Jodie C.

Hi to anyone reading this I just wanted to say a few words about Ink Undone Tattoo Removal and the great service we received from Geoff.
My sister Nicole and I went in to Ink Undone for Nikki to just originally have a free consultation with no plans on starting any laser removal today we were there to find out what the procedure would entail, How realistic the results would be? And also how much a 20 yr Ago teenage drunk fuelled home made Tattoo was going to cost?
And of course as Nikki’s big sister I was there for support not to mention I was the silly drunken teenager that decided that it would be fun to tattoo both her wrists! Only I must’ve been to drunk cos I went so overboard in fact now were grown women it really does hurt me that I did go as far as I did because now Nikki does not leave the house without wearing like 7 hair ties on one wrist n plenty of bangles on the other she is just so embarrassed by them ( Soz My Baby Sis xo).
Anyway we all went into the laser room where Geoff gave his Professional Opinion and explained everything in great detail being very realistic about the results and how many procedures he estimated it might take, He wasn’t the sort of professional / guy that would and could see how desperate you are and take advantage of you. Geoff is totally there to do what is required and genuinely help so needless to say Nicole was totally impressed and very happy to leave her wrists in Geoff’s capable hands and Lasers Lol !!
Geoff you did a good job today but what I’m most looking forward to is the Finish Line and I know you’ll get me there.
It was nice meeting you today and for anyone reading this and is thinking about laser tattoo removal I would recommend that you at least go in for a consultation with Geoff hear him out he is very easy to talk to I think once you make that first step into Ink Undone you’ll be as happy as we were and all the previous people he’s helped.
P.S You get to wear groovy Glasses lol !!

Ink Undone is the one to have your bad Ink Removed by Geoff n his Laser Guns !!

Nicole & Sis Jodie

Jodie C.
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