US survey shows some tattoos are still taboo

Society isn’t quite ready for facial tattoos

Attitudes are changing, but some employers still discriminate against tattoos.

Lucky 4 Leaf Clover! Free Tattoo Removal

Byron made his way in to our Richmond clinic today for his free treatment. He’s the first to get his Four Leaf Clover tattoo treated for free in our St Patrick’s Day giveaway.

Before treatment

Before treatment

clover after

Green tattoo immediately after removal treatment

Tattoo removal – results after 2 treatments

Mr B – great results from only 2 treatments.

MrB - TX3
Mr B before

Before treatment

Mr B after 1 treatment

After 1 treatment

Mr B after 2 treatments

After 2 treatments

Tattoo removal treatment 2 – six weeks after first treatment

Mr B - 6 weeks after 1 treatment

Mr B – 6 weeks after 1 treatment



After just 1 treatment Mr B’s tattoo is fading fast!

Change of Heart – great results after just one treatment

Six weeks after her first treatment, Ms B returns with great fading.

Change of Heart

Ms B had a relatively recent red and black tattoo on her shoulder. The second image shows the ‘frosted’ tattoo immediately after treatment. Red and black require different wavelengths to treat, and these were both used in the same session.

Scarred from improper treatment. inkUndone comes to the rescue.

Ms D had a tattoo on her lower back which had been treated several times before elsewhere in Melbourne. Unfortunately, the previous treatments had not been performed with the correct laser, and she had some keloid (raised) scarring and remaining (mainly green) ink. The second photo show Ms D’s tattoo immediately after treatment. She has since reported that her tattoo has faded noticeably and that the treatment was much more comfortable than her previous experiences. Where she had suffered bleeding and scabbing before, our treatment was fully recovered in a few days, with better ink removal. Ms D is scheduled to see us again in the next two weeks and we look forward to seeing her progress.

Ms T presents with 3 Tattoos

Ms T had 3 tattoos she wanted removed. One on her forearm, one on her ankle and one on her stomach. She had been treated several times before at another clinic in Melbourne and had fading on the ankle tattoo and fading on some colours of the stomach tattoo. The wrist tattoo remained quite dark as the previous treatments were probably done with an inadequate laser. We treated Ms T’s stomach with our Nd YAG laser, switching wavelengths for different colours. For her ankle and stubborn wrist tattoo, we employed our Ruby laser. This unit was purchased especially to treat colours which are difficult to remove with other lasers. Other machines either cannot treat these colours or rely on special handpieces which drastically reduce the power.

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