The Invisible Man

Vanished without a trace!

It’s sayonara to this tattoo…


Starting summer afresh

black character tattooblack character tattoo before last removal treatment

Going, going…

Looks like this will be the last treatment for Mr S. Any remaining ink should soon be gone.

black tattoo on leg - before black tattoo on leg - after

Some more ink undone

before complete tattoo removal after complete tattoo removal

Complete tattoo removal


Congratulations to Anthea Wolland who wins this week’s movie passes. Thanks Andrea, your tickets are in the mail!

Tattoo removal – the end is in sight

Is this the last treatment for Mr B?


Mr B before

Before treatment

Mr B after 1 treatment

After 1 treatment

Mr B after 2 treatments

After 2 treatments

Laser tattoo removal after 8 treatments

After 8 treatments

Long Weekend Hours

We will be closed for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend from 6pm Friday 5th June, re-opening Tuesday 9th June at 10:00am

Workplace discrimination against tattoos in Australia, USA and UK

BBC News readers’ stories of losing jobs, missing out on promotions and being rejected in interviews because of their tattoos

green orange and yellow ink tattoo


This week’s movie pass winner

Congratulations to Peach Gamez, AKA Marie, this weeks winner of our Hoyts Cinemas double passes. Thanks Marie! See you in six weeks.