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      Best Value Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

Q-Switched laser tattoo removal in Richmond, Melbourne

At Ink Undone, Melbourne’s specialist tattoo removal clinic, we remove, modify and fade tattoos safely and efficiently.

Our treatment centre in Richmond is equipped with industry-standard Q-Switched laser technology, optimising our ability to remove the broadest range of tattoo inks – including reds, greens and blues – and to minimise the length and number of treatment sessions. In addition to our Nd:YAG Q-Switched laser, we have a Ruby laser especially for the effective removal of green and blue tattoos – a service often not available at other clinics.

We follow best-practice protocols in assessing suitability for treatment, providing advice on what you need to do to look after your skin between treatment sessions and minimising any pain or discomfort during the removal process.

We provide your initial, no-obligation consultation free of charge. During this consultation we:

  • carefully assess whether the treatment is right for you (some skin types and medical conditions increase treatment risks)
  • fully explain the process and answer any questions you may have
  • give you a realistic estimate of the number of treatments needed and the cost involved
  • give you a guarantee of the maximum number of treatments you will need to pay for.

The Undone Guarantee

When you choose Ink Undone for laser tattoo removal, you can be confident that the results we promise are the results we deliver. If you complete the number of treatments we recommend at your initial consultation and your tattoo ink is still visible, we will continue to treat you free of charge for up to one year from your last paid treatment, consistent with our treatment regimes.

Contact us to book your free, no-obligation consultation and find out how you can have your Ink Undone safely and efficiently.


  • Testimonials

    Thai script tattoo on leg
    Had my first session on 3 unwanted Tattoos this weekend at Ink Undone. The clinic is spotless with state of the art equipment. Jeff and Sally were very good at explaining how the whole process works and the appointment didn’t feel rushed in any way. Cant wait to start seeing results. Would highly recommend!
    Ryan F.